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24155 - Wheat Europe

Wheat Europe

Item number: 24155

We are ready to arrange and sell 3 000 Mt per month of the Ukrainian wheat Human  purpose.
Price: 240$ MT according the contract or invoice  ( Black Sea Port ) / 255$ MT according the contract or invoice  ( Mariupol, Azov  Sea Ports)  
Origin: Ukraine
Other indicatior is quality are according to the DSTU standard requirements 3768:2010

Specification: SGS in Inspection, or contract number at the port of shipment. ( at sellers account)
Quality: In batches of  1000  MT ( +/- 5% ) in the seller option ( by the conditions of Volga – Don Channel maximum tonnage limited passenger is up to 1000  MT ( +/ - 5%)

Additional information:

Details and specification here.doc Details and specification here

Price: 240.00 $

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