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37548 - Gloves Germany Europe


Gloves Germany Europe

Item number: 37548

We have available 30 million boxes of nitrile gloves
Brands: Top Glove Dolphin, Valeria
20% S, 40% M, 40% L
Price 8.65€ box
Goods are free of tax in Germany, but duty may be payable elsewhere.
When terms agreed inspection to take place in Aachen ( close to Dutch border.)

Process: After POF is sent, all necessary documents supplied and the address for an inspection and SGS.

The seller needs a POF that is officially signed by the bank. It must contain a confirmation for the option of instant transfer in 48 hours.

Additional information:

Pictures and details here.pdf Pictures and details here

Price: 8.65 €

If you are interested in buying this stock offer or you have any questions feel free to contact us.